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Alameda County DUI Lawyer

Have you been charged with DUI in Alameda County?

If you are seeking a DUI defense attorney in Alameda County that has experience with all types of DUI cases and an aggressive approach to your case, The Law Office of Nors Davidson can provide the powerful legal representation you require. DUI charges are extremely common, and the criminal justice system moves like clockwork to arrest, charge and convict those that are considered to have been driving drunk. Many individuals don't realize that there is the option to defend your case and seek a "not guilty" verdict, dismissed charge or reduced charge.

Our firm takes pride in our professional skill in providing aggressive DUI defense counsel to clients throughout Alameda County in the face of all types of drunk driving charges: driving under the influence of drugs, DUI accidents, federal DUI, 2nd, 3rd and 4th DUI arrests, out of state DUI and under 21 DUI. We can also handle cases related to unlawful police stops made without probable cause, such as at sobriety checkpoints, and can offer legal counsel to expunge your DUI if you are interested in clearing your criminal record. We can handle all aspects of your criminal case and DMV hearing in order to help you avoid any and all penalties associated with your case.

Field Sobriety Tests
If you were pulled over for suspected drunk driving, the law enforcement officer may have administered a field sobriety test at the scene. These tests are designed to help authorities determine if an individual is under the influence of alcohol or drugs without chemical testing. Although they are helpful and usually accurate, this is not always the case. Errors can occur both in the administration and interpretation of the tests and their results. Also, sometimes a driver will fail a test for a reason other than alcohol consumption. We have the knowledge and experience necessary to examine your field sobriety test. If we find that an error occurred, your case could be dismissed. There are three main standardized field sobriety tests used: the walk and turn test, the one leg stand, and the horizontal gaze nystagmus. Call us today to learn more or click here to read more about field sobriety tests.

DUI Defense Attorney in Alameda County

Each case has specific evidence and reports that must be fully evaluated in order to determine how the defense of your case will proceed. There are frequently errors in police procedure, the arrest, testing or violation of rights that can be exposed in court that can lead to a dismissed charge. As law enforcement can become overzealous or fail to correctly administer tests, you could have been arrested for the charge without actually exceeding the legal limit of .08% or without law enforcement having probable cause to stop you and test you in the first place.

DUI convictions create serious difficulties for the individual, as they usually lose their ability to drive, owe steep fines, must attend court order alcohol treatment programs and spend time in jail and doing community service. Further difficulties ensue when your insurance payments go up and you could be passed over for future employment opportunities when a background check on you finds a DUI conviction on record. To fight to avoid these repercussions, contact our firm to review your case and determine what defense option can be employed.

As most people charged with DUI become apathetic about the situation and just plead guilty, they may not realize that this is not the only option. Countless cases involving violations of rights, faulty testing procedures or equipment and other errors have been found and exploited to defend our client. Even when a case appears "open and shut" we have found strong defense options. If you have been arrested and charged with a DUI offense, whether a first offense or a felony DUI, do not answer questions from law enforcement and contact our firm at once. A strong DUI defense starts from the moment of your arrest.

Contact an Alameda County DUI lawyer as soon as you have been arrested.

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