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Field Sobriety Tests in Alameda County

Alameda County DUI Defense Lawyer

A field sobriety test is one of the standard tests administered by a law enforcement officer to determine whether an individual is intoxicated while driving.  It is comprised of a number of small tests, and while these can vary from place to place, only three of them are considered "standard" as far as proper field sobriety tests go. These include:

  • The Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus or HGN - Nystagmus is a medical term describing an involuntary jerking movement from the eyes.  In this test the officer will have you follow a pen or other moving object with your eyes to see if they follow smoothly, or jerk due to the effects of alcohol.
  • One-legged stand - The officer will have you stand on one leg for a certain length of time to determine balance.
  • Walk-and-turn - This consists of having you walk nine steps heel-to-toe, and then turning and walking back in the same fashion.  Your balance, or lack of it, will be assessed during this test.

As can be expected, these tests are very subjective when evaluated and the results of can vary wildly and can be based entirely upon guesswork and opinion.  Additionally, the test could not have been administered according to proper protocol.  If you have been charged with a DUI based on a field sobriety test, it is very important you contact an Alameda County DUI defense lawyer who can assess the results of your test and determine if any discrepancies are present.

Have your Field Sobriety Test Results Assessed

Due to the subjective nature of a field sobriety test, there is a possibility the results of your test may not be used against you in court.  The penalties for a DUI conviction are steep, and you should be sure that your case is based only on irrefutable facts, and that your rights are completely upheld.  The experienced attorneys at The Law Office of Nors Davidson may be able to help you with your case by reviewing your field sobriety test as well as any other details of your case that may cast doubt on the legitimacy of the charges against you.

Contact an Alameda County DUI Defense Attorney if you have been charged with DUI and the evidence includes field sobriety testing.

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