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Client Reviews

Many California DUI attorneys have websites and many of them have "testimonial" pagess. Typically, you'll see a one or two liner saying something like "you're the best" or "I couldn't have done it without you" followed by two initials "F.R." While some of these may be true, seeing is believing. My former clients readily share their experience with my office regarding their DUI cases and I am always flattered by their kind words. Below you will find honest and heart felt statements and reviews. I thank all of my clients for the opportunity to serve them in their DUI cases and encourage you to compare my client reviews and DUI case results with any DUI attorney's website. Please read:

"Simply the BEST DUI Attorney"

Posted by a DUI Client, 4/13/2014

"Nors Very clearly and effectively achieved optimal results with my case, and he was an absolute delight to work with in the process. I highly recommend his services!"

"Nors is the Best"

Posted by Timothy, a DUI Client, 2/7/2014

"I got a 2nd DUI within a year of my probation and when I consulted Mr. Davidson about a 2nd offense and what might happen, I decided to hire him since he answered all of my questions with specific details. My court date wasn't until a year later and Mr. Davidson discussed with me some of the outcomes of my 2nd DUI. We went into the court room thinking the worst possible scenario, but when Mr. Davidson talked to the D.A., he got me with a wet reckless. With the best possible outcome of a 2nd DUI within a year of probation, I highly recommend Nors Davidson as a lawyer because not only is he good at what he does, but he is genuinely nice and really likes to help people out since some D.A.'s or judges slap you with the worst possible fines."

"Nors Did an Excellent Job: Highly Recommended"

Posted by Amit, a DUI Client, 10/5/2013

"I had a DUI at 0.08/0.09 and after talking to couple of lawyers I decided to go with Nors. He was very informative and explained me entire process step by step. My charges were reduced to Wet/Reckless and I will be able to keep my license. I think Nors has done an extraordinary job. Every step I knew what was going on and all my options. He is very professional and has unique approach for representing client. I highly recommend Nors as an expert DUI lawyer. You should definitely talk to him before hiring your representation."

"Best DUI Lawyer"

Posted by a DUI Client, 9/5/2013

"Nors Davidson saved me a lot of money by getting DUI charges reduced to a wet and reckless and no license suspension. Thank you very much Nors Davidson for your great service."

"Hit & Run and Extreme BAC Enhancements Dismissed"

Posted by a DUI Client, 7/15/2013

"Nors Davidson will be the best friend you've ever had if you're facing a DUI charge.

Mine was a tough case: I left the scene of a accident and was arrested with an astounding .31% BAC. Things did not look good.

Fast forward to pre-trial conference. Nors had cut a crazy deal with the DA before I even arrived at court: 3 years probation, standard fine, standard 30 day license suspension, and 9 months of DUI more. Even the judge did a double-take.

Apart from his almost magical courtroom abilities, Nors is just a genuinely fine person. I can't imagine anyone (including judges & DA's) could be immune to his charms. But Nors wants to win, and won't back down until he does. He approaches cases like a game he refuses to lose, even if it costs him, because he doesn't want to let down his client.

I will probably never see Nors again, yet I will always consider him a friend."

"Above and Beyond"

Posted by a Criminal Defense Client, 6/15/2013

"My family and I lived In Tracy, ca. my spouse was charged with a hit and run in an accident that wasn't his fault. At the time we were moving to the Texas for work. Nors went over 10 times to court in Pleasanton....that's not the 'Beyond" he choose to do this case absolutely pro bono. As a family of 5, he saved us so much stress and turmoil from this situation. Not to mention the financial stress he saved us from having to return to California,, fines, charges, and court cost. My spouse did not have to be separated from his family and work responsibilities, (they too would of reacted not have been for Mr. Davidson). he was able to do this solo with out the presence of my spouse. Overall our family can even put into words how thankful we are."

"Very Glad I Chose Mr. Davidson"

Posted by Evan, a DUI Client, 6/3/2013

"I interviewed other lawyers before hiring Mr. Davidson. I am 100% satisfied with his service, and the results of my case. I would definitely recommend him."

"Great Guy, Great Lawyer"

Posted by a DUI Client, 5/27/2013

"Nors is a very nice guy and knows what he's doing. I knew I was in good hands for my minor in possesion case. Although my officer didnt show up to court and I didn't get to see him in action, my experience was very positive and I'm glad he helped me through the process. I highly reccomend him as an attorney. Great guy."

"Caught Driving on Coors? You Need to See Nors!!!"

Posted by Tom, a DUI Client, 4/3/2013

"I haven't written any reviews before, this will be my first, Nors definitely earned one.
He was instrumental in rescuing me from dire consequences. I was looking at a substantial jail sentence after my third DUI arrest. My last third offense yielded me a 9 month jail sentence in the same court system. This one was technically another third because of the ten year window.
In the end I received a 5 month term of home detention with electronic monitoring. I will be allowed to go to work and not miss important appointments. I couldn't have hoped for a better outcome.Nors posses both compassion and humility, qualities uncommon in his profession. He is also masterfully persuasive.I live in the Sierra foothills nearly three hours from Nors' law office however Nors was prepared to make as many trips as necessary to provide me with the best defense.I feel my investment in Nors was well worth it and I would not hesitate to recommend his services."

"Best DUI Lawyer"

Posted by Willy, a DUI Client, 3/25/13

"I've got nothing more to say, Nors was really professional taking care my DUI case. After several calls i decided to hire Nors instead of the other, Nors gave me very reasonable price and few of my friend had hire him for their DUI case and told me not to worry as he is very good at what he does. I met with Nors after an agreement and he told me not to worry, i asked him if my case could be dismissed and he told me that he will work his best but he cannot promise anything. After few months i got an email from him saying that he had won my DMV hearing so I never had my driver's license suspended telling me that i can obtain my license at any DMV offices. I didn't even have to go for the DMV hearing and to the court, he fought for me in court and my case were dismissed, all the charges were dropped, saving me a lot of money. I'm very pleased with his work and i would recommend this lawyer to anyone!"

"Successful DUI Expungement in San Francisco"

Posted by a DUI Client, 3/18/13

"I am currently unemployed, so a DUI record may potentially impact my chances to get a new job. Nors and Reve did an excellent job building my expungement petition. Last week I finally got my DUI case expunged. I am so relieved now. Most job applications now require full disclosure of any type of crime, even DUIs. Special thanks to Reve for helping me out during the hearing. With her precious guidance, I was able to articulate more effectively in front of the judge."

"Got the Result I Wanted"

Posted by a DUI Client, 1/10/213

"First DUI offense; blew a .10 and .09 in Oakland after getting pulled over for speeding above 80mph in a 50mph zone.

Nors helped me get the wet & reckless plea bargain instead of a straight DUI. It was a huge relief to get my probation time, fine, and class requirements reduced. Also avoided having to install an ignition interlock device.

He's got a lot of experience working in Alameda County. So if you're in a situation like mine and got your first DUI there with a relatively low BAC, I'd highly recommend Nors to help get your charge reduced."

"The Best DUI Attorney in the San Francisco Bay Area, CA."

Posted by a DUI Client, 1/7/2012

"Nors Davidson was my first choice and is undeniably one of the best DUI defense lawyers in the Bay Area and state of CA. Throughout the month long duration of my case he remained professional, compassionate and steadfast. He went above and beyond his responsibility as my lawyer to make sure I was informed on every aspect of my hearing, rallied extra support from qualified professionals on his staff and assured me of/delivered the best results possible.

I was able to avoid thousands of dollars in fines, was awarded a minimized sentence and abstained hours of painstaking court appearances, through the amazing representation of Nors Davidson. He is as qualified as he is thorough and effortlessly made an otherwise difficult situation easy to move forward from in a positive manner.

I am a grateful, fortunate and extremely satisfied client Nors Davidson and without a doubt would refer him to anyone in a similar situation."

"Not Like Any Other Attorney!"

Posted by a Criminal Defense Client, 12/20/2012

"Nors Davidson got me a great deal in an Orange County Court. I was facing a serious felony charge that had a maximum sentence of five years in prison! Mr. Davidson took the time to fly down with me on my court date, as I live in San Francisco, CA. Not only did Nors get me out of bed the morning for court and fly down to Orange County, but he worked with me to get the help that I really needed. When we got to court, he was able to get the district attorney to offer me a low sentence of 120 days, which under the circumstances, I would have accepted. What impressed me the most was that he didn't stop there. Although in an unfamiliar jurisdiction that's notorious for strict sentences, Nors didn't back down. He litterally followed the district attorney around from courtroom to courtroom ALL MORNING LONG, until he ultimately charmed her and the judge both into limiting my sentence to 45 actual days. Unfortunately, I've been in trouble before, but from that experience I can honestly say that Nors is unlike any criminal defense attorney that I've experienced. Nors does the little things that other lawyers don't. He doesn't take the first offer and never stops advocating for something better. Like in my case, I still was guilty and still went to jail. It was Nors' EFFORT and genuine concern for ME, that made the difference and has inspired me to become a better person. I think this might explain why Nors is so busy....he really trys to help a lot of people, but when he's with you, you feel like you're his only client. If you hate lawyers, Nors will definately change your mind! I'm forever grateful and highly recommend him to anyone with any case anywhere."

"Knowledgable, Effective, and Reassuring. Excellent Experience and Excellent Result!"

Posted by Edmond, a DUI Client, 11/15/2012

"Nors is at essence a person who really cares about the well-being of the client. He is a straightforward, charismatic guy who inspires your confidence, and he gets results. I sought him out after another lawyer mishandled my case initially, and my only regret is that I didn't find Nors from the very beginning.

Professionally, I was 100% confident in his depth of knowledge and handling of the case. Nors was on top of his game and took the time to explain every nuance of the case and the players involved to me. He has been working in this area for a long time and enjoys the respect of the very people we had to appeal to in our case. We had a very difficult case and Nors was very realistic about the possible outcomes with me. Thanks to his persistence and hard work, he achieved a fantastic result for me that was as good as I could have asked for, and I am very happy and relieved with the entire experience.

On a personal level, Nors was always gracious with his time and I could tell from his anecdotes that he was a very genuine, caring person. The whole experience even influenced my decision to apply to law school, and he was happy to extend advice on the subject to me.

Thanks to Nors, I achieved the result I wanted and am very happy with where I am. Thank you Nors."

"Thanks Nors!"

Posted by a DUI Client, 11/13/2012

"Nors was an invaluable asset helping me through this tough time. He knew how to navigate the complex legal system of our great state of California, gave excellent advice and got the job done with the best outcome I could have hoped for. Having someone on my side who was familiar the people I needed to interact with each step of the way helped make the whole thing go as smoothly as possible. His no-nonsense demeanor and thorough knowledge of the process made keeping up with each decision easy and understandable. I would strongly recommend him to any friends or family needing this kind of service in the future."

"Best DUI Lawyer in the Bay Area"

Posted by a DUI Client, 11/12/2012

"The most important step you can take in challenging a DUI charge is investing in a lawyer that knows how to manage the entire process. Nors is hands down the best at this!

Any lawyer will try to win your case, but Nors and his office go the extra mile to manage all of the little details that not only can cost you time, but can lead to irrevocable if mismanaged. Nors is extremely thorough and handles all of the paperwork that others don't necessarily do for their clients. With Nors on your side, essentially, all you have to do be present when he tells you too. This goes along way to take out the fear and uncertainty of the legal process you are in. With a DUI charge the last thing you need is more stress.

Nors is also extremely knowledgable of all the legalities involved in a DUI case. He will do everything in his power to discover information and opportunities that may help to mitigate your punishment. In my case, he was able to get my fines reduced by a cost greater than the service fees I paid to him. In other words, his service costs paid for themselves! That is an unbelevable win in a DUI case!

Not only did he do a great job in mitigating my punishment, Nors worked with the court on the day of my hearing to get me in and out faster then the schedule planned. In fact, Nors' was able to get my hearing move to first on the docket so I was in and out. This is no small feat which saved me loads of time and allowed me to return to work that same day.

I can't say enough about Nors' services. If you have DUI charges you need more than just a lawyer to stand by you in court. You need a lawyer that will serve your needs to ensure your life can continue with as little disruption as possible. Nors will save you time, money, and headaches."

"This Guy Rocks!"

Posted by a DUI Client, 11/10/2012

Nors was extremely helpful at handling my first dui case, especially with a bad collision involved and an extremely high bac level. When I hired him, I didn't know what to expect or what would happen to me, but he reassured me on what he would do and how to approach this realistically. Even with all that energy he has he was very professional about it. He is prompt in his communication regarding my case and would answer my questions despite his busy and seemingly hectic schedule. Considering the situation and a pre-existing medical condition I have, he got all my enhancements dismissed and sentence of 3 months dui class, swap, and some community service days (basic first offender sentence). Believe me when I say it was sort of a mess getting to this point, but he went the extra mile for me to help me out. I swear I would have been in deep s@$# if it wasn't for him. Overall I'm extremely happy about this outcome. Thanks again Nors

"Amazing Job!!"

Posted by Jess, a DUI Client, 11/8/2012

"Nors did a fantastic job on my case. He handled things extremely efficiently and professionally. He was always on time and well informed. I would recommend him to any and all who might need a great lawyer in the future."


Posted by a DUI Client, 10/11/2012

Nors have been a great DUI lawyer for me during my case. When times hit an all time low for me and I didn't know where to turn, Nors was able to provide me with hope. I was very pleased with the outcome of my case as we were able to win the DMV hearing and I was able to get my full drivers license back! If you ever feel like you are lost during this tough time in your life, give Nors a call. He will show you that there is light at the end of that tunnel. Thanks Nors for always being responsive to all my questions and concerns!

"Great Attorney"

Posted by TK, a DUI Client, 10/4/12

"I am a commercial license driver and ended up having too much to drink and ended up being arrested for DUI. During the proceedings, I was scared of losing my job as well as my family due to a bad judgement call. I contacted Mr. Davidson and he was very friendly. He didn't pass any judgement upon me and was very caring and sensitive to my situation since I needed my license to work. He busted his ass for me at each hearing and kept me informed about everything good or bad and I respected that instead of someone selling me a dream. My case was really tough to win and the odds were against us. I was a .14 BAC (blood) commercial driver looking at least minimum 1 year driver license suspension and losing my job but Mr. Davidson somehow was able to get me a reckless driving charge and the second count a not guilty which means I get to keep my license (no suspensions) This guy is amazing and I am truly thankful to him and his team. These folks saved my life and thank you is not enough. I hope I am never in this situation again but if so, I put my money on Nor Davidson any day. From the bottom of my heart, I thank u so much and my kids do too. A special thank u to Ms. Revee Bautista. U are awesome. Your very sweet and understanding and the both of u make a winning team. I owe u guys."

"BAC .12% and Got Off with a Wet Reckless"

Posted by a DUI client, 7/16/2012

Client Review:

"I definitely recommend Nors! After talking to a couple of lawyers, I decided that Nors was trustworthy. I was an emotional wreck and he was very supportive and available to talk anytime of the week. He was able to reduce my DUI to a wet reckless which was a great accomplishment considering my BAC was relatively high."


Posted by a DUI client, 7/5/2012

Client Review:

"My second DUI... Nors was able to get my sentence greatly reduced to 3 year informal probation, 12 hour traffic school, and 3 work days of sheriff program. Best of all, i get a wet reckless. I kid you not, 2 judges and the District attorney all did a double take on my case when they saw my reduced sentence.. Almost unheard of for a 2nd offense. Seriously... 12 hours of DUI class???? How is that even possible! Thanks to Nors, it is!"

"A Wonderful Lawyer and a Pleasure to Work with Him"

Posted by a DUI client, 7/1/2012

Client Review:

"In October of 2010 I received a "first offender DUI" charge in San Mateo County. At the time I was working towards a degree that would almost ensure a full disclosure of all criminal history to both employers and licensure, I felt like I was absolutely screwed. I met once with a different lawyer, and he came across as very sleazy and I was somewhat turned off from seeking legal counsel for my defense. In the end, I plead "no contest" to the B count of driving under the influence and was sentenced to 3 years court supervised probation, DUI classes and SWAP.

As I completed my requirements as set by the court, I realized that I would be in deep trouble when the time came to apply for jobs, as I'd have to disclose my DUI to possible employers, essentially barring me from the job in my field. One day, in my DUI class, the moderator recommended waiting 1 1/2 years and then filing for an expungement, so I felt that this would be my saving grace.

I spent the next several months researching lawyers, as I wanted to ensure that I had the best possible defense in my attempts to terminate probation early and gain an expungement. After perusing several lawyers and ultimately choosing against them based on their approach and their overall eagerness to have me as a client no matter the case (almost a bit too eager) I found Nors. I read his reviews and felt that he was worth giving a shot.

When I first spoke with Nors about my case, what I first found to be very helpful was he was honest about not only my situation, but my chances. Other lawyers tried to give me a whole song and dance about how they "guaranteed success no matter what" by using some convoluted strategy of playing the system, which does not sit well with me. Nors outright said that I had "possibly a 50/50 chance" and he weighed the pros and cons with me. For someone to do this over the phone with me without requiring a credit card before any coversations took place was extremely kind. Ultimately, I told Nors that I'd like to hire him to advocate on my behalf.

Nors bent over backwards for me throughout our time together, coming in on days off for meetings (which was extremely helpful as I was a full time student/intern), helping me go through the mound of paperwork that I have accrued throughout this process and determining the best pieces of evidence for proof of rehabilitation possible. Nors was very open and inviting, and his non-judgemental approach was extremely refreshing.

When my day in court came I was quite nervous and Nors explained to me the procedure of how everything was going to occur, and he was extremely comforting the entire time. During the hearing, Nors was very professional and appropriate, and in the end I was granted early termination of my probation and was subsequently granted my expungement.

Now I am able to legally answer "no" on a job application about my criminal history and I was able to procure gainful employment at a job I love. None of this would have been possible if it were not for the skillful job that Nors did. I highly recommend Nors."

"The Most Trustworthy and Honest Attorney"

Posted by a DUI client, 7/1/2012

Client Review:

"The past year has been extremely stressful for me and my family because I was in a position of potentially losing my license for a year due to a DUI refusal. Can you imagine what it might have felt like if you lost your drivers license for a year and your job depended it? The other lawyers (3) that I met with told me that they were successful at winning 30% of refusal cases. The fact is that very few win DMV refusal cases because the DMV seems to automatically suspend drivers license for 1year on refusals. One particular attorney that I called couldn't handle these cases because of its difficulty and recommended Mr. Nors Davidson, because he specializes and works the most challenging cases. When I met with Mr. Nors Davidson, I was very keen to listening if he was selling me on earning my business or if he understood the complexity of my case and what it meant to me and my family. He didn't tell me what I wanted to hear so that I would hire him as my lawyer. His honesty was the single most important reason that I hired him.

Bottom Line- Nors won my cases and I got a letter from the DMV (June 2012) that my license is no longer in jeopardy of being suspended!

My Civil Case for DUI- Dropped by the District Attorney of Alameda County
My DMV Case and possible suspension for one year- Dropped my DMV

If you're reading this because you're in a similar type situation that I was in, then I would highly recommend that you reach out to Mr. Nors Davidson. Once you meet with him, you will understand the reasons that I hired him and you may as well. He's not a good salesman, he's a GREAT lawyer. He'll work very hard at getting you the best possible outcome so you can move forward in life for you and your family."

"Highly Recommended DUI Lawyer"

Posted by Lonny, a DUI client, 6/1/2012

Client Review:

"I am giving Nors Davidson full marks in all categories and they are not just platitudes but well deserved.

We just settled my case with a very optimal result (second DUI reduced to wet reckless) but I was happy with Nors' work on my behalf from the beginning.

Nors gave me about an hour or more of his time at his San Francisco office to hear the details of my case before my decision to retain him. He specializes in DUI cases and his expertise shows while explaining all of the possible scenarios, arguments, variables for or against my case, and the entire process for both court and DMV. He was realistic about possible outcomes as a second DUI comes with significant penalties even as compared to a first DUI. Coming out of that first meeting, I was confident that I was in good hands.

Throughout my case, I was never once worried about paperwork or not understanding the next steps. Nors was always clear about what our plans were going forward. Communication was usually through email but he also strongly suggested phone conferences to answer any of my more involved questions or before significant court dates.

My case was especially "unique" as I was banned from re-entering the USA as a Canadian. Despite this unexpected issue, he continued corresponding with me diligently with case updates and mailings of paperwork to sign.

I hired a different DUI lawyer for my first conviction and the difference is evident in terms of communication and transparency.

Of course every case is unique but I have no hesitation to strongly recommend Nors for any DUI or driving privilege related case."

"Excellent Legal Strategy"

Posted by a DUI client, 6/1/2012

Client Review:

"When I initially called him I was very worried. He calmed me down and laid out the situation I was in very clearly. He stayed on top of the case throughout the many months the DA sat on it. In the end his strategy resulted in a dismissal despite the difficultly of the case. I highly recommend him."

"Very Satisfied with Nors as My DUI Attorney"

Posted by: a DUI client, 4/23/2012

Client Review:

"Choosing a DUI attorney can be a daunting task. If you're reading this, you know exactly what I'm talking about. I chose Nors over another highly rated attorney in the area based partially on the fact that he took my initial call while he was still on vacation. Upon that first call, he gave me his cell number in case I had any additional questions. There comes a certain peace of mind with this kind of availability, so I chose Nors.

Nors proved to be extremely knowledgeable, professional and available throughout my interactions with him. Better yet, and unlike some DUI attorneys out there, he actually wants to meet face-to-face to get to know you as a client better, and to strategize your case. Most other potential attorney candidates wanted to limit the interactions to phone, email and perhaps meeting an hour early before the pre-trial conference.

This was my 2nd DUI conviction (wet reckless 9+ yrs ago still counts!), and had an enhancement charge of being at or more than twice the legal BAC limit. Without getting into too many details, my outcome didn't look very good concerning my arrest circumstances. Nors painted a very realistic picture for me and set proper expectations along the way. That's another thing I appreciated... Nors didn't sugar-coat anything. He'll tell you like it is, good or bad.

Long story longer, my resulting conviction included near-minimum punishment results on all accounts. 3 yrs inactive probation, SWAP instead of jail time, 90 day eligibility of restricted license, enhancement charge thrown out. Yeah, I still need to do an 18 month DUI program, but I did the crime, I'll take the class, no arguments there.

Finally, I can't guarantee similar results for a similar circumstance. I certainly put a lot of pro-active work into this before my court date. The 30+ days of AA I went to and kept track of, sobriety chips and a thorough pre-trial planning with Nors certainly helped my case with the judge. Think it over, it may be worth making some life changes as a result of your DUI. Regardless of this, I couldn't think of a finer attorney to represent your DUI case."

"The Best DUI Attorney"

Posted by: YI, a DUI client, 4/19/2012

Client Review:

"I was charged for the probation violation in the beginning of this year. After I did a lots of research on finding a good attorney who was able to represent the matter for me, I found Nors Davidson and decided to hire him as my personal attorney. He was able to get the District Attorney withdraw the petition. Basically, he made my case dismiss. I had such a great experience with him, and I was so satisfied with the result of my case. Based on my personal experience with him and all the review about him. I think that Nors Davidson is one of the best DUI attorneys. He is a very responsible attorney who would consider all the possibilities to win a case for you. He knows what he can do is the best for his clients, and he wouldn't let you worry about anything because he knows this his job. Therefor, you can absolutely rely and trust on him for what he can do. However, if anybody experiences DUI issues, I strongly recommend Nors Davidson to you all. And trust me, he wouldn't let you down."

"Nors Davidson is an Excellent DUI Lawyer"

Posted by: A DUI Client, 4/7/2012

Client Review:

"Mr. Davidson is extremely knowledgeable, experienced, and effective. If you are dealing with the stress and hassle of a DUI, I couldn't recommend better representation than Nors Davidson.

Because of his expertise in the narrow field of CA DUI cases, his depth of knowledge is impressive. He reduced the duration of my DUI classes from 9 months to 3, and got the DA to drop speeding allegations as well as a special allegation that my BAC was in excess of .15%."

"A Commited, Hard Working and Honest Attorney"

Posted by: Julie Ann, a DUI Client, 3/31/2012

Client Review:

"Our family had the pleasure of hiring attorney Nors Davidson. We found him to be a very honest hard working and ethical attorney. He is committed to get his clients the best and honest outcome. He went beyond what we expected of him. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to others."

".15% BAC DUI Reduced to Wet Reckless and No DMV Suspension. Highly Recommended"

Posted by a DUI Client, 11/1/2011

Client Review:

"The details. I am a media figure in the Bay Area. I got a DUI blew .12 but blood was .15 DUI with Enhancements. I interviewed three firms. I turned down an Alameda firm (DUI was in Alameda) as I felt I was going to be just another case and I turned down a DUI factory attorney shop as I would of been given to an associate. Nors came to my office and met with me which was convenient even though his office is pretty easy and convenient as well. He read over my case and decided to have me work with his investigator Alan Mcann. The investigator found that the arresting officer had pulled me over, asked 17 questions, administered field sobriety tests and arrested me all in 4 minutes. My case had something to work with!!! I went to court with Nors. Nors told me to dress nicely. He met with the D.A. and talked about my case (no accident, fast arrest, etc . . . ). He told her I would pay the fine today and plead to a wet reckless. She accepted the deal. Pretty amazing to get Wet Reckless after charged with DUI and Enhancements. The DMV was next. Nors again went in person and met and ultimately I got leniency as to my sentence. Thrilling result."


Posted by Steve, a DUI Client, 10/1/2011

Client Review:

"Without hesitation, I will happily endorse Nors as a DUI/DWI attorney. Nors has a ton of energy and unbounded enthusiasm that is infectious for the client; being on the wrong end of a DUI charge can be daunting. Additionally, Nors was very meticulous and thorough in my case- while we did not win, we got a split verdict an the A and B portions of the California Law."

"Give Nors a Call If You Need Help with Your DUI Case."

Posted by Melanie, 9/1/2011

Client Review:

"If you have found yourself in the depth of sdespair after being arrested for a DUI, I would suggest giving Nors Davidson a call. Not only is he charming and delightful to speak with, but he is highly experienced and competent. Highly recommended."

"Pleased with the Results"

Posted by DUI Client, 8/2/2011

Client Review:

"Three words to describe Nors would be experienced, honest and personable. Every step of the way Nors made me for comfortable about being in this bad situation, regrettably for a second time. He assured me that although the matter was a serious one, it certainly was not the end of the world for my job or even my license. His experience and reputation definitely help when it comes to defending his clients.
Although I was worried at first about a slow response when confirming my arraignment while I was out of town, he and his assistant did remain responsive through mail and phone calls, constantly updating me of the ongoing details of the process. He was easy to talk to and even calmed me in this stressful experience with both his sense of humor and his knowledge of the system. He said he would fight to get me the best deal and I feel that he delivered. I was relieved that my previous out of state 'incident' wasn't a factor, as he said it likely wouldn't be, and I fully accepted responsibility and the great deal he got me. The deal included no SWOP and the minimum 3 mos. for DUI school. I've learned my lesson and have Nors to thank for helping me through this difficult time. His rates were good and I would recommend his services.

He was easy to talk to and even calmed me in this stressful experience with both his sense of humor and his knowledge of the system. He said he would fight to get me the best deal and I feel that he delivered. I was relieved that my previous 'incident' wasn't a factor, as he said it likely wouldn't be, and I fully accepted responsibility and the great deal he got me. I didn't receive any SWOP and I got the minimum 3 mos. for DUI school. I've learned my lesson and have Nors to thank for helping me through this difficult time."

"Knows How to Navigate the System & Get You the Best Outcome."

Posted by: a DUI Client, 8/1/2011

Client Review:

"Nors was the perfect balance of knowledgable and confidence without being too cocky or overpromising. He laid out the legal landscape clearly then helped craft a perfect strategy that kept my license and got me through things with the best possible outcome...I would recommend him without hesitation to anyone who's facing DUI charges."

"Great Lawyer"

Posted by: a DUI client, 7/28/2011

Client Review:

"After receiving my DUI, I was extremely worried and had no idea what to do. I decided to hire an attorney and called around but didn’t really find anyone that I was comfortable with. I found Nors online and decided to call him based on all of the great reviews that he has. After speaking with him over the phone I felt a lot better and had no hesitation letting him represent me in court. He is a very understanding person and he did a great job of explaining the details of my case. Not only did he handle everything for me from start to finish, he was also to able to extend my DMV hearing for a considerable amount of time so that I could continue driving to work. He is very professional and updated me frequently with letters and emails. He has a great personality and a good sense of humor that made me feel a lot more at ease during a very stressful time of my life. There were a few times when it was hard to get a hold of him because he is very busy, but he always took time out of his schedule to get back to me and answer any questions that I had.

Overall, I was pleased with the outcome of my case and I would definitely recommend him to anyone. As a matter of fact, I also retained his services to handle and unrelated case for my girlfriend. Thank you again Nors for all of your time and hard work."

"Nors' Actions Literally Saved My Life!"

Posted by: a DUI client, 7/11/2011

Client Review:

"After all the research I went through, I decided to seek Nors legal advice with my under 21 DUI case. At first, I was a bit apprehensive since I had no knowledge of lawyers and was going at this all alone. However, my fears were put to rest after talking with Nors and receiving genuine input on my chances of not getting convicted. He offered VERY reasonable prices and was willing to work with me. In addition, he was always thoughtful and never judgmental. However, I wish he had been a bit more responsive and keeping me up to date, as I sometimes felt in the dark about the trial. Understandably though, he is very busy, so I do understand. All in all, I couldn't have asked for better and he truly saved my future as I don't have to worry about any incriminating information showing up on a background check or such. Everyone makes mistakes and I for one know that this kind of thing will never happen to me again. He gave me the opportunity to gain some normalcy in my life and not feel like a criminal. I am forever thankful!"

"Great Services"

Posted by: Jean, a DUI client, 7/10/2011

Client Review:

"Nors represented me in a DUI case a few years ago. I had an Illinois license and was only in CA on vacation, so it made my case quite confusing. My .09 (roadside blow) DUI charges turned felony since I refused to do a breathalyzer in the station. Nors represented me in court without me having to be there in person. He got my charges dropped down from felony type charges to more like misdemeanor type charges and made it so I didn't have to go back to CA to deal with any of this, which was very important to me. He was easy to get a hold of and I always spoke with him on the phone, not a middle man or a secretary. If I ever needed representation again I wouldn't hesitate to call Nors."

"Highly Recommended Alameda County"

Posted by: Patrick, a DUI client, 5/31/2011

Client Review:

"I talked with a few lawyers before I decided to go with Nors. After our first meeting I felt confident that he would do all he could to represent me. I had a .11/.12 case in Alameda County and did not want to have to install an interlock device on my vehicle. Nors was honest and said it would be a hard case to get a plea for wet reckless, but he would fight for it. At the second court appearance he was successfully able to get the DA to let me plead guilty to the lesser wet reckless charge. I would definitively recommend Nors to anyone who is challenging there DUI charge. He is reasonably priced and dedicated to his clients. Thanks Nors!!"

"Excellent Attorney"

Posted by: a DUI client, 5/30/2011

Client Review:

"Nors was a great attorney who got me fantastic results in my DUI case. He was able to get me a 3 month DUI school for a 0.22 BAC!!! I was extremely pleased by his responsiveness. He talked to me at length to explain the entire process, and was always available to talk about the case, whether it be weekdays or weekend. I would highly recommend him."

"Excellent Lawyer"

Posted by: Torbin, a DUI client, 3/13/2011

Client Review:

"We all make mistakes, and we all need someone there to help us through those times. I was lucky to have Nors with me during that time in my life. He was effective, thoughtful, and priced very reasonably. I felt I got everything and more for what I paid Nors."

"Great DUI Attorney"

Posted by: a DUI client, 3/6/2011

Client Review:

"The day after the DUI was very stressful. Trying to find a good lawyer, without any previous experience in this regard and not being able to ask around due to the situation made this one of the hardest decisions. I found Mr. Davidson on avvo, and after talking to 5-6 attorneys, took a chance and went with him for my case. He was very helpful, and always had time as well as the knowledge to answer all my questions. He appeared on my behalf for all DMV hearings, and was with me for my pre-trial. He got me a good outcome considering my case, and I would recommend him to others."

"Nors Did a Great Job with My DUI Case."

Posted by: a DUI client, 2/14/2011

Client Review:

"I was pulled over last year after I'd had a few drinks. It was a bad stop and Nors was able to get my charges reduced. He was able to save me money and time with minimal fees."

"Best DUI Attorney in the Bay Area - Period!"

Posted by: E., a DUI client, 2/14/2011

Client Review:

"Nors is 100% the best DUI attorney I've had the experience working with. I received my first DUI in San Jose about 7 years ago. I was trying to flag down a cab and instead I ended up flagging down a cop instead. Rather than put me in a cab the arrested me for drunk in public. Then I was released, given the keys to my car and told to 'go home'. I tried to do exactly that and was immediately pulled over for a DUI..!!! In all honesty, my "First DUI" should have NEVER been a DUI - drunk in public "requires" the police to hold you 'until you are no longer a harm to yourself or others' - that's the law. They broke the law and told me to go home and gave me essentially a weapon. I thought I was only hungover, I could not fathom they would let me drive home drunk. I went through about $10,000 - $15,000 and 3 THREE law firms. All saying the same thing 'they can't do that, we'll get you off' They all (except the last, which chickened out at the court house and scared me into taking a plea of a wet reckless) quit returning my phone calls once they had my money. Alas, I recently had a bad experience where I had too much to drink and since the law was changed it was a SECOND offense (law was changed to 10 years in 2007). Well suffice to say I got really lucky and Nors was one of the first DUI attorneys here in SF I spoke to for this now '2nd offense DUI'. I evaluated several law firms after my utterly horrible past experiences with DUI attorneys. Ultimately I went with my 'gut' and hired Nors vs. a more expensive attorney (his prices are very reasonable). Nors was extremely professional, he calmed my nerves, he 'took the monkey off my back' (to borrow his words) so I could return to focusing on my life. Long story short, Nors "always" returned my phone calls. We met in person and went over all the details of my case, he informed me of all the ins and outs with regard to the specifics of my case and he made me aware that there was a serious issue regarding my arrest. I gave my approval for him to file a motion to suppress (which has about a less than 1% chance of success). Well I'm almost in disbelief as I type this because while the DMV ruling still stands my court case was DISMISSED! You can't put a price on that. I *never* intend to drink and drive again. Ever. However, not having to deal with Jail, Probation, and another "criminal mark" on my record is priceless. If you are in need of a DUI attorney in the bay area Nors is by far the best one out there in my experience and opinion. Thank you SO MUCH Nors! You're work is superb and your professionalism is unparalleled!"

"An Outstanding Attorney"

Posted by: a DUI client, 2/9/2011

Client Review:

"Mr. Davidson did a simply outstanding job. From day one he was professional, timely, and effective. The outcome could not have been better. I give Mr. Davidson my highest possible recommendation."

"Hire Nors Davidson!"

Posted by: Mark, a DUI client, 2/2/2011

Client Review:

"The short version is: if you get a DUI, HIRE NORS DAVIDSON!

I recently got arrested for a DUI (yes, it was a dumb mistake) and was really freaked out about what to do. It was my first offense but i blew a .14 on the breathalizer, which is pretty high, and does not bode well for getting a good outcome. Hiring a lawyer made me really nervous as i had heard horror stories about attorneys that charge you a fortune, don't spend any time on your case, put in minimal effort, and don't care about the results. To avoid this trap, i did a ton of research and came up with a list of 12 local attorneys that specialize in DUI cases. I then called and interviewed each one. Some were nice, some lectured me on my bad judgment (really) but most said that with a .14 breathalizer, i didn't stand much of a chance of getting a plea bargain.

Nors was different. He immediately put me at ease, made me feel less like a criminal, and talked about ways we might lessen the charge. I could quickly tell, this was the one guy that would really fight for my case. The more i got to know about Nors, the more i liked the idea of him representing me. He spent time working in the Public Defenders office and has worked closely with a lot of the DAs and judges at the courthouse. Ultimately, these trials often come down to how well, your lawyer can bargain with the District Attorney. Also, compared to many of the lawyers i talked to, Nors' prices are very reasonable.

Once i hired Nors, we set up an appointment at his office to talk about my case. I expected a quick visit but he spent a lot of time with me going over the case and looking for ways to fight it. Once we settled on a strategy (and i can tell, Nors always has a strategy), he carefully explained to me how everything was going to work and what i needed to do. Nors made me no guarantees but i felt like i had a fighting chance.

On the day of my trial, Nors met with me before hand, made me feel relaxed, and all i had to do was sit back and watch him work his magic. It was pretty impressive. It's like having a star quarterback on your team. In the end, Nors was able to plea bargain my case down to a "wet reckless driving" charge. This means no DUI on my record, much smaller fines, no jail, no community service, and a smaller probation period. I still have to attend DUI school and serve a license suspension but this was inevitable and could have been much worse. As a part of his service, Nors also represented me at my DMV hearing. I didn't even have to go, he takes care of everything. To give you some perspective, there was another guy on my court date that blew a .08 breathalizer and got the same exact plea bargain. I am convinced that most of the other lawyers would have just accepted the DUI charge and i would have been screwed.

If you need help with a DUI, Nors is the guy you want in your corner. I can't thank him enough and I recommend him highly."

"Guidance at a Difficult Time"

Posted by: a DUI client, 1/16/2011

Client Review:

"The DUI process can be daunting and is an exercise in bureaucracy but Nors knows the process well and was always prepared for the next step. In addition, Nors spared me of having to appear at multiple hearings by attending on my behalf. He made a very difficult and overwhelming process very simple. Nors did a great job of explaining what was happening at the time and what would happen next so I was never confused at any point in time. I always knew what I had to do and when I had to do it. Overall Nors provided great service at a fair price."

"Thank You Nors for your Hard Work. It Worked!"

Posted by: Linda, a DUI client, 1/13/2011

Client Review:

"Nors Davidson represented my son for a DUI and the DUI was dropped. His dedication and professionalism were very much appreicated, as well as the personal attention he provided regarding my minor son's future. He tells it to you straight upfront and does not beat around the bush with promises that he does not believe he can fulfill. He is very charming and a pleasure to work with. I would recommend him highly to anyone who ever needs a DUI attorney."

"Caring, Professional and Knowledgable"

Posted by: a DUI client, 12/17/2010

Client Review:

"I retained Mr. Davidsons services a few months back. He made the whole situation a lot more calm and unstressed for me.
Mr. Davidson went above and beyond his services to make sure my case was taken care of. Thank you again!"

"Very Positive Experience with Nors"

Posted by: Zach, a DUI client, 12/15/2010

Client Review:

"I unfortunately got a DUI about a year ago after having a couple of drinks at dinner with my wife. I was referred to Nors by a mutual friend and he was incredible. He found out some information about my case and got it dropped. I was so happy with his services that I keep in touch with him on a regular basis. He has been handling some additional lawyer work for me as well."

"Favorable Circumstances for a Second Offense"

Posted by: Ian, a DUI client, 11/26/2010

Client Review:

"I received a second DUI in little more than three years after my first. While the circumstances of my arrest this time were still without any occurrence of injury or property damage, had I not hired Mr. Davidson the outcome of my trial could have been significantly worse. Instead of the felony-like punishment I would have incurred for my second DUI, I had remained unstressed. My fines were reasonable, I served no jail time, and my DUI instruction did not hamper my goals and personal life to the extent that I could travel outside the country on various occasions. In addition my family is still unbeknownst to any of this unpleasant business even after two years and having completed all my obligations to the court. I have even had my license back for a substantial amount of time despite being given a two year suspension.
I definitely do not regret hiring Mr. Davidson and would do so again."

"Really Great DUI Lawyer!!!"

Posted by: a DUI client, 11/14/2010

Client Review:

"Nors got the best outcome possible for me in my DUI case! I had a .11 BAC and he was able to drop my case to a wet reckless driving with only 6 weeks of DUI class and an 18 months probation period; He also helped me deal with the DMV part of the case. He advised me to retain an expert witness, and used all the power he had to convince the DMV to NOT suspend my license. It worked and I was able to keep my license and avoided filing an SR-22. His fees are very reasonable compared to other lawyers, and he took a lot of time to sit down and talk with me to make sure I knew exactly what was going on throughout the case and that I made the best possible decisions. It's very clear to see that Nors is very passionate about what he does and will do whatever it takes to fight for your case."

"Hire This Attorney for Your Best Possible Outcome"

Posted by: Gary, a DUI client, 10/30/2010

Client Review:

"I had a pretty serious problem with the DMV and the court. My charge, driving on a suspended license pursuant to a DUI. Mandatory 10 days minimum in jail, but up to 6 months, and a probation violation (more jail) an interlocking device on my ignition for 7 years, revocation of drivers license for 3 years and fines of about $3,000. Needless to say that would have ruined my livelihood.

I decided to hire a DUI / DMV hearing attorney, an attorney who specializes in these situations outside of my area because I have worked with many many attorneys for the past 20 years for various reasons and always did best when I hired a specialist and Nors knows his stuff.

He is the only attorney I have ever used who, in the end, delivered "the result" that we discussed as the best possible outcome at our initial consolation. Not only that, but for the price originally quoted, dispute additional work on his part.

So after a 6 month process, 1 trip to the DMV, 3 trips to court, Nors negotiated for me , A) the reinstatement of my drivers license, B) the dropping of the probation violation, C) a reduction of the very serious original criminal charge to a simple moving violation and a small fine.

Nors Davidson will not oversell what he can do, but he will go to any length to get you a favorable result.

I have worked with many attorneys as I stated in this profile, many don't care about the outcomes, many low ball and keep adding costs, many come to court without knowing the details of your case. This attorney has demonstrated the highest level of integrity, and even took the time and made the effort to note and recall the most important details of my case over the entire 6 months. He properly prepped me, and came to court having done his homework and review each and every time.

If you want the best possible outcome for your DMV or DUI or Driving on a Suspended Case in California, get this guy- really you can't afford not to."

"The Best Attorney I Could Have Had"

Posted by: a DUI client, 10/21/2010

Client Review:

"Nors did a great job with my case. I was scared to hire an attorney who won't do much and who just wants to see his check. He was able to drop my case to a wet reckless driving with no SWAP, jail, only a 3 months DUI class and a 2 years probation; a result that I didn't expect with my difficult case. His fees are totally reasonable compared to other lawyers, and you are sure that HE will be handling your case.
I also really appreciated that he was very involved and that he wanted to fight for my case; he always got back to me within 24 hours when I had questions or concerns, something very important to me in such a difficult situation. He deserve with no doubts the 5 stars rating."

"Mr. BAC 0.00%"

Posted by: a DUI client, 10/19/2010

Client Review:

"Nors did an outstanding job in my DUI case! I got caught with .20 in San Francisco county. Fortunately Nors was able to settle my case without the enhancement allegation (>=.15). Result: 3-day SWAP, 3-month DUI school and 3-year probation. I was impressed with Nor's organization and responsiveness. Moreover he has an in-depth understanding of the legal system regarding DUI cases. I highly recommend his services!"

"The Best DUI Attorney"

Posted by: Phil, a DUI client, 10/16/2010

Client Review:

"Nors Davidson is an awesome attorney. I was originally pulled over on the Bay Bridge going over 80 mph. The police officers then asked me to step out the car and do several alcohol test including a breathalyzer test. My blood alcohol level was .14. Needless to say I was arrested and brought to SF County Jail. One of the worst experiences of my life.

After a couple of days i started looking for DUI defense attorneys in the area. Most of them being out of my price range. A friend of mine recommended Nors who represented his sister in her DUI case. I called him and spoked for about an hour, he seemed like a really nice guy. I was sold not to mentioned he quoted me the lowest fee out of all the attorneys that I spoke to.

Fast forward to a week before the pre trail hearing I had yet to have a actual meeting with him. Up to this point we stayed in contact by phone and email. I had a couple of days off that week and was eager to meet him and discuss the case. As it turns out he was involved in an accident and he broke both his legs and he had to cancel all his meetings for that week. I was a little worried by that point because the hearing was rapidly approaching and I wouldnt actually get to discuss the case with him in person. We arranged to meet the day of the hearing. I finally meet him in a coffee shop across the street from the courthouse. He arrived in a wheelchair and appeared to be in a lot of pain. To me that just showed me his dedication to the case. We talked for half an hour, he informed me of the various ways that the situation could play out.

Nothing could prepared me with what happened next. It turns out that the judge and him were friendly with each other. Which might have played out in having a DUI reduced to a wet reckless. I was estatic this was the best result that I could possible have considering the situation. The only other result that could have been better was to have my case thrown out because of some freak error in the system. My fine was reduced, i didn't have to go to jail or do community service, and my probation was only 18 months.

I highly recommend Nors Davidson he is an excellent attorney. He gets the job done with the results that you want. He might not have the flashy websites that the other attorneys have, but what he does have are a lot of satisfied clients, such as myself."

"Quick and Knowledgeable"

Posted by: a DUI client, 10/10/2010

Client Review:

"Nors helped me out with my underage DUI a couple of years ago, which resulted in a case dismissal and no license suspension. His experience and knowledge of the trial process was outstanding. Also his explanations of possible outcomes in different scenarios kept me feeling secure and confident throughout the case. I would highly recommend him due to the fact that he has what it takes to get the case resolved and out of your mind."

"Review of Nors"

Posted by: a DUI client, 10/5/2010

Client Review:

"I got a DUI a year ago and Nors was the best attorney. He was professional, very responsive."

"Attorney Review"

Posted by: a client, 10/5/2010

Client Review:

"Nors is a very knowledgable attorney who is very client conscious. I felt very comforatble and very informed of what Nors was doing. He took the time to explain even the smallest details. I would highly reccommend him."

"A Must Have DUI Attorney"

Posted by: Justin, a DUI client, 10/4/2010

Client Review:

"Mr. Davidson was recommended to me by an attorney friend. I blew a .21 and was facing some serious consequences. 9 month mandatory DUI school was the biggie. Long story short I had restricted license back in 30 days, did zero jail time, only 10 days of community service and 3 months of DUI school. I never had to do anything except for accept his phone calls to get updates. I never missed a day of work because he took care of EVERYTHING! I hope I never have to call Nors again but there is only one DUI attorney I will ever use. Thanks Nors!!!"

"One of the Best Decisions I Made in My Life"

Posted by: a DUI client, 10/1/2010

Client Review:

"One of the best decisions I made in Life was hiring Nors Davidson. I trusted him to defend my son in his under 21 criminal case for DUI. He was very accommodating and detailed in his explanation about the case. Most of all, he was able to obtain a "no guilty" verdict and no license suspension. He is a great DUI lawyer !!!"

"Great DUI Attorney"

Posted by: a DUI client, 9/30/2010

Client Review:

"Nors Davidson was very responsive when I was looking for an attorney to handle a DUI. He explained the process thoroughly and in a respectful way and outlined all possible outcomes and clearly designed a workable strategy. The strategy worked and the outcome was better than I expected. His manner was professional. His knowledgable in all the legal aspects of DUIs was complete. I felt I could trust him and that he had my best interests at heart. And he followed up!!!"

As I looked around the courtroom the day I was to appear, I was pleased that I was with Nors Davidson. He appeared more professional than the other Attorneys I saw there that day. He also represented another client the same day, and that client had a favorable outcome, too.

I would highly reccommend him."

"Nors Davidson Helped My Dad"

Posted by: Soledad Lopez, a DUI client, 9/21/2010

Client Review:

"Mr. Davidson is truly an Angel. He is a lawyer that works hard for his clients. Not once where we leave alone during this ordeal, when my father was charged for a DUI case. He made feel safe and userd us that everything would be ok. He is a honset, responsible person that dose not look at his work as a job but as his passion.Thanks him we had a sucssesful trial and my father was dimissed of all charges. I want to personally give him thanks for what he does. May God bless you always."

"I Can't Believe I Got a DUI!"

Posted by: karyne, a DUI client, 9/21/2010

Client Review:

"Nors was recommended to me by a family member; he took my case, and worked on it with gusto. i always felt that he had my back, whether filling out paperwork or actually showing up in court! and when i had questions (plenty of questions), Nors was quick to get back to me, putting my mind at ease."

"Arrested on 2nd DUI Conviction, High BAC of .20 and Violation of Probation. Stressed Out"

Posted by: Twon, a DUI client, 7/29/2010

Client Review:

"I was arrested on second DUI conviction with high blood alcohol level of .20, and violated probation. Nors was able to represent me and get me off the hook with no jail time and excellent results. He is a great DUI Lawyer who went out of his way to meet me along with setting me up with a payment plan that I can afford. He called me and updated me with the case each time something new arised. Each time I needed to speak to him, he would pick up the phone, it didn't matter what time of the day it was. I would recommend him. He is not only a awsome lawyer, he understands and feels for his clients needs."

"Thanks Nors Davidson"

Posted by: Vinh, a DUI client, 7/26/2010

Client Review:

"Nors got me out of a lot of trouble. He helped me get out of my criminal case and DMV. I did not have to appear in court. Nors got me back on the road.Helped me a great deal. anyone that needs help.Call Nors. He has the lowest cost. THANK YOU NORS!"

"Nors Helped Me Win My DMV Hearing"

Posted by: John, a Transportation client, 6/28/2010

Client Review:

"I hired Nors to represent me in my DMV negative operator hearing. Nors was professional and gave solid advice that helped me win the hearing. I strongly recommend Nors for any DMV related cases."

"Excellent Result."

Posted by: a DUI client, 6/28/20

Client Review:

"Nors was extremely reassuring and supportive through out my case. His level of understanding and expertise was excellent. He made the process easier for me, not that any court situation is easy. With his guidance I received the best possible outcome.

Thank you Nors.."

"Excellent Lawyer"

Posted by: Ajay, a DUI client, 6/23/2010

Client Review:

"Nors is not only an excellent lawyer, but a guy with a great personality and a lot of energy. He took all my concerns into his own hands and made me feel really confident. I also liked how he kept me updated along the way with professionally typed and signed letters. When meeting him, you can tell he is passionate about his work and gives his clients his 110% I will definitely recommend Nors to anyone out there looking for results and an awesome layer! Thanks a lot Nors!"

"A Straight Forward, Knowledgeable, and Highly Effective Attorney!"

Posted by: Dan, a Criminal Defense client, 6/15/2010

Client Review:

"Mr. Davidson encountered numerous new, blindsiding obsticales during his investigation into my case and simply took them in stride and summaraly dealt with and defeated all of them. The outcome of the court hearings regarding my complicated case were a complete succsess. I would highly recommend Nors for anyone in need of defense of Criminal or DUI cases that you are faced with. His demeanor is personable, to the point, ready for action and tough, all while maintaining perfect social decorum.
A rare find these days."

"Exceptional Services!"

Posted by: Chaynoa, a DUI client, 5/10/201

Client Review:

"I hired Mr. Davidson for a DUI case in Marin. I talked to dozens of attorneys before making my decision. Out of all the people I talked to, Mr. Davidson was the most honest, and forthright about what he thought my case looked like, and what my odds were. We proceeded to win the DMV hearing (Which he walked me through extremely professionally) and is currently hurling himself at my actual Civil case. I am extremely pleased with his ability to communicate with me on every little detail and all possible outcomes of my case. If I ever have need of professional services again, I will be sure to hire him, as well as refer him to anyone who is looking for an attorney. I strongly recommend anyone who is looking for a professional who is honest, smart, fair and most of all persistent in helping you win your case, to put Mr. Davidson on the top of your list! After meeting with him you will know in your heart and gut that he is honorable and will do everything in his power to help you. Talking to him I can tell that he went into his profession to help others and protect all of our rights! Again, I cannot stress how pleased I am with his services and how confidently I recommend him to anyone who is unsure. If you are still unsure after reading my review then email me. I am extremely confident of him and would love to help more people hire an attorney who doesn't merely want your case so that he can make some money!"

"Nors Davidson"

Posted by: a DUI client, 5/10/2010

Client Review:

"Nors Davidson was easy to communicate with and performed an excellent service for me. He gave straight forward advice and timely follow up. I highly recommend him."


Posted by: Paul, a DUI client, 5/10/2010

Client Review:

"Although my dealings with Mr. Davidson were limited due to the fact the DA decided not to file my case, I was pleased with his knowledge of the DUI/DWI process. He put me at ease during a very stressful time in my life. Had the case gone to trial, I am very confident that Mr. Davidson's expertise in the DUI/DWI field would have led to a favorable outcome. I would recommend him to anyone, and god forbid this ever happens to me again, I will gladly seek out his services. Thank you."

"DUI Turned Wet and Reckless"

Posted by: a DUI client, 5/4/2010

Client Review:

"I got pulled over for a DUI back in Feb '10. They got me at .10 blood test. I thought I was screwed and for sure stuck with a DUI. Nors assured me that with low BAC case there is always a chance to get down to wet and rekcless. Sure enough we got a blood retest and I came out with a wet and wreckless. Nors took care of everything with out him I would have been for sure screwed with a DUI.

I was on the fence about hiring a lawyer due to the costs, but hire Nors he's affordable, he explains everything for you and takes care of everything for you, very responsive. Thanks Nors for all your help!"

"Nors Helped Me Through a Very Difficult Time"

Posted by: Michael, a DUI client, 5/3/2010

Client Review:

"I highly recommend Nors Davidson to anyone considering legal representation for criminal allegations of misdemeanor or felony DUI. What I like about Nors is that he is really down-to-earth. He works hard to understand the facts of your case and then in very simple terms, lays out your options. I found his very easy to talk to, to relate to, and very responsive - I can't remember a time when he didn't personally answer one of my phone calls or emails.

In addition to providing excellent legal representation, Nors reminded me that although my DUI was something to take seriously, it wasn't an indictment against my character and didn't need to become the defining point in my life. That's the other thing about Nors - he genuinely cares about people and wants the best for his clients. He helped pick me up when I was in a very low place in my life."

"Please Read an Honest Review"

Posted by: Brian, a DUI client, 5/1/2010

Client Review:

"In all honesty, Nors was an excellent lawyer. I got a DUI and had a breathalyzer test against me. I was at first hesitant to get a lawyer because i didnt want to pay a lot of money for them to not do anything. However, with Nors, i felt extremely confident in his will to remove my dui charge. Within two months, Nors was able to remove both my criminal charge in the san francisco courthouse and my DUI charge at the DMV hearing. I literally sat back and didn't have to do anything. He informed me with letters, emails, and telephone calls to always keep me updated on my case. Every two weeks, i received a letter of notice and it really kept me confident about the case. The one thing about Nors is that he really cares and he really works hard for his clients. I 100 percent recommend him. I never write reviews or even take the consideration to do this. But i was so happy for with what he has done for me, i want everyone to know that he really is best at what he does. I give you my sincere and honest word."

"I Was Well Represented and Treated with Respect"

Posted by: todd, a DUI client, 4/28/2010

Client Review:

"Nors treated me with respect during a very difficult time in my life. I made a mistake and learned from it. Nors helped make sure that mistake did not ruin my life. In addition, he had a willingness to examine my case in many ways addressing my courtcase that took into consideration my life situation, career, and preferences for going forward. I also received a good outcome."

"Nors Took My First Offence DUI Case: I had BAC Over .20%"

Posted by: a DUI client, 2014/24/2010

Client Review:

"Best part about Nors is he will keep in touch with you and reply all your mails in 24 hours. My case was reduced from .20 to .08 or higher which is minimum dui case. I had to take 3 months DUI school + 4 days of swap + 1600 fine to court. He didnt change me fortunes like other lawyers quoted."

"Client Review"

Posted by: Megan, a DUI client, 4/24/2010

Client Review:

"Dear Nors, I am forever grateful of your representation and defending me in my case. You made a difficult time more bearable with your invaluable expertise, knowledge and personal attention. I have also been impressed with your follow up after the case had concluded. I would recommend you to any friend or family member in need of representation. Sincerely, Megan"

"Attorney Review, N. Davidson"

Posted by: SI, a DUI client, 4/19/2010

Client Review:

"Soon after relocating to California for an engineering job, I was charged with a DUI in Marin County. Being new to the area, i was extremely worried until I talked to Nors. Mr. Davidson knew the DUI laws extensively and guided me through the process. I never even had to take a day off of work, as Nors was present for all of my court dates. He was aslo flexible with my payment schedule. Overall, he did a wonderful job and I would recommend him to anyone who gets in a similar situation."

"Very Knowledgeable DUI Lawyer"

Posted by: Johnny, a DUI client, 4/17/2010

Client Review:

"Getting my first DUI, and being the first time ever being in trouble with the law was really a stressful and at times scary situation. But when I came across Mr. Davidson's number I immediately called him and from the moment I met with him in his office I knew he knew exactly what he was doing. He was always straight up with how the case was going to go and all the outcomes that were possible. He was also understanding of my situation of being a student and made things a lot less stressful. He was always available to ask questions and he was very thorough about everything. I would definitely recommend him to anyone seeking legal services especially those dealing with a DUI. I also was very appreciative of how he was not only worried about the best outcome for me in court, but how he wanted to make sure that I would never have to go through this again. I definitely give Mr. Davidson 5 stars."

"Nors is Great! If You Get a DUI, You Need a Lawyer and You Should Hire Nors!"

Posted by: DUI Client in Bay Area, a DUI client, 4/17/2010

Client Review:

"Nors helped me with my DUI and I don't know what I would have done without him. Nors handled the whole process with the courts and the DMV and got the best outcome I possibly could have gotten. He was very available and responsive to answer all my questions."

"Exceptional and Competent Lawyer"

Posted by: a DUI client, 4/17/2010

Client Review:

"Nors proved to be very capable, competent, and responsive while having a good grasp of the legal environment in the area as well as having solid relationships with DMV personnel. I would highly recommend him."

"Review for Services Rendered"

Posted by: Mack, a DUI client, 4/16/2010

Client Review:

"Very thorough and professional. Made the trial process seamless so i could continue my daily life and work through the process in a timely manner."

"A Great Attorney!"

Posted by: Randy, a DUI client, 4/15/2010

Client Review:

"Nors is a very good attorney. He helped me with my DUI case from start to finish. We ended up having to go to trial and Nors was able to get me a Not Guilty verdict and I didn't even have to testify. He is very dedicated to detail and turns over all stones in creating a sound defense for his clients. He presents extremely well and truly controls the courtroom. Nors genuinely cares about the welfare of his clients. I highly recommend his services to anyone in need of sound legal advice."

"Excellent Attorney, Personable, Professional, Savvy and Strategic."

Posted by: a DUI client, 4/15/2010

Client Review:

"I was referred to Nors Davidson by a friend who is also an attorney in a different area of the law. I am a senior level executive for a major organization who foolishly drank, drove and was arrested. A horrifying experiece truly that left me tearful and frightened. From the time I first met with Nors, I found him responsible, insightful and exceedingly well-prepared. Nors spent significant time in preparing my case, accessed expert witnesses appropriately and effectively, and developed a sound defense strategy for my case. While I would never want to repeat the experience of trial, I would also never want to face trial without the excellent legal counsel Nors Davidson provided to me. I recommend him enthusiastically.

"Client Review"

Posted by: a Speeding Ticket client, 3/19/2010

Client Review:

"He took the time to meet with me on multiple occasions to discuss any changes that occurred with my case and always kept me informed. While at his agency there was no competition with any other clients for his attention and I didn’t feel like he was in rush to get me out of his office. I am in the process of joining the service. He showed much respect toward the military and seemed to work harder to keep my military career untarnished from this incident."

"You Need to Contact Nors Davidson if You Have a DUI Case"

Posted by: Tom, a DUI client, 3/5/2010

Client Review:

"After coming to terms with the mess of a situation I found myself in after having made the bad decision to drink and drive, I began the search for a lawyer. I spoke with a few and ultimately ended up with Nors. He was very responsive, helped me understand what was ahead of me, and made me feel like I was his most important client. Ultimately, my case was dismissed, which was the best testimonial for me of how effective a job Nors does as a DUI attorney."

"What a Great Experience"

Posted by: Patrick, a Criminal Defense client, 2/18/2010

Client Review:

"Nors is a first class criminal defense attorney. His preparedness, attention to detail and caring for his clients is second to none. While I only consulted with Nors and never actually needed his in-court representation, I was blown away by his command of the law and the inividual facts of my case. If I ever again need the services of a criminal defense attorney - especially in the field of DUI - I'll hire Nors Davidson."

"Great DUI Lawyer"

Posted by: a DUI client, 2/15/2010

Client Review:

"Nors Davidson did an excellent job with my case. He was very helpful with the maze of the court system. He answered all of my questions and helped me feel like everything would work out in my best interest. Nors did not treat me like I was a criminal, but like a person who made a mistake that could be fixed. Thanks to Nors I got the best result with a speedy delivery."

"Honest Review"

Posted by: a DUI client, 2/14/2010

Client Review:

"Nors is great. He was very knowledgable and helpful with my case. He really cares about his clients and the outcome of their cases. He has been working on my case for the past 2+ years during different representations and I can honestly say that he provided me with great service on a one-on-one basis. I would highly recommend Nors to anyone."

"Great Lawyer"

Posted by: Sarai, a DUI client, 2/14/2010

Client Review:

"I was very happy to have Nors as my lawyer he really made me feel more relaxed and worry free after I spoke with him and told him about my case . He told me everything will work out and that he was going to do everything he can for me and in the end he did he gave me the best results he is very knowledgeable and knows what he is doing and he cares. What i liked the most was that he took the time for me to get another court date and he came back all the way out and I got my sentence to just the minimum. I am really happy i got him as a lawyer and I am happy with my results he really changed my life now i can put this bad mistake behind me and move on."

"Great Lawyer"

Posted by: a DUI client, 2/12/2010

Client Review:

"Nors got me a great deal and kept me informed the whole way through. even after my case was done he followed up with me to make sure everything was going well. wouldnt use anybody else."

"Legal Representation in a DUI Matter"

Posted by: Lynn, a DUI client, 2/2/2010

Client Review:

"Nors was first-class in all aspects of my case, and he was able to work with the D.A. and judge to get me the best possible scenario for my situation. I would definitely recommend Nors in the future to any family/friends for legal services!!"

"Great Lawyer !"

Posted by: Sarai, a DUI client, 2/8/2010

Client Review:

"I was so nervous the first time i talked to Nors on the phone when i was looking for a lawyer because all the other lawyer I talked to didnt know seem to convincing and kinda rude like if they were to busy to talk to me. Until i talked to Nors he made me feel like everything was going to be ok and he really knew what he was doing and talking about so i decided to go with him as my lawyer and I am happy I did he really took the time for to come all the way to San Jose twice and reduced everything to just a minimum so he really changed my life and I am thankful for all he did he is a great and wonderful i dont know what it would have been if i didnt find him."

"Highly Recommended, Excellent Lawyer"

Posted by: Alison, a DUI client, 2/7/2010

Client Review:

"Nors is caring, intelligent, and dedicated lawyer . He took care of everything in my DUI case, and got me a satisfactory result. He goes above and beyond to help people, and he is professional and confident in the court room."

"Competent, Reassuring, Knowledgeable, and Helpful!

Posted by: Genny, a DUI client, 2/1/2010

Client Review:

"I sought the services of a competent attorney following my DUI in July, 2009. I was very fortunate to find myself and the success of my case in the hands of Nors Davidson. His attentiveness to my case and his frequent communication helped me to relax a bit during this very difficult time for me. This was my first experience with a criminal case so I didn't know what to expect. I found that Mr. Davidson was patient with my constant questions, answered them thoroughly and gave me tips along the way as to what to expect next. I would highly recommend Mr. Davidson's expert help and representation."

"Client Review and Recommendation for Nors Davidson"

Posted by: a DUI client, 2/1/2010

Client Review:

"Of course we all make mistakes, but when I made the huge mistake of choosing to drive home after tasting wines for a friend's up and coming wedding I thought the DUI that followed would completely destroy my life. Terrified, I got a recommendation for Nors from an Attorney friend of mine and gave him a try. All I can say, is thank goodness I did. Not only did he ease my mind by explaining all the intricate details and ins-and-outs of the court system, but he managed to get me a reduced sentence. In addition, being a southern California resident, Nors appeared on my behalf for every single court date in Alameda county, relieving me of having to drive or fly up there at least 4 times.

In my opinion, his best attribute is his confidence and passion for his career choice. I felt he was almost as excited as I was when we were given the reduced sentence, which is proof that he really enjoys being able to help his clients.

All in all, Nors is an expert in his field and will give you the best chance possible. I have learned a huge, expensive, and life changing lesson, and thanks to Nors he minimized the impact financially and mentally so that I can move on with my life.

Thank you!"

"Nors' Efforts Literally Changed My Life"

Posted by: a DUI client, 11/25/2009

Client Review:

"When I first hired my attorney for my DUI case, I knew nothing about Nors. I was told by some friends to be represented by Robert Tayac, because he was the best. Throughout most of my case, I only dealt with Nors. I never even met Robert until my actual hearing date, when my sentence was going to be determined. Even though my blood alcohol level was barely over the legal limit, I still had the potential to be served with a DUI. When Mr. Tayac came out of the courtroom, he said I was to be charged with a DUI. This would also mean that I would lose my driver's license for 6 months. In a panic, I called Nors, who was on his way from another case. Nors assured me, "don't panic, I'm on my way". When Nors arrived to the courtroom, he then said that although he didn't know if it would work, he would try going back into the courtroom to ask for an extension and another hearing date. Mr. Tayac never even offered me that option. Well, as it turned out, Nors DID get the extension for me, and when we went back to court a month later, he got my charges reduced to a wet and reckless, which means I would not have a DUI charge on my record.

In addition, Nors also fought for me at the DMV, and I never had my driver's license suspended, not even for one day. I can't begin to describe my gratitude to Nors, and the work and effort he put into my case. Nothing like this will ever happen to me again, but I would trust Nors Davidson 100% if I ever needed an attorney again. He is truly amazing."

"Excellent and Extremely Knowledgeable DUI Attorney!"

Posted by: Sarah, a DUI client, 10/8/2009

Client Review:

"Nors is an incredible DUI Attorney. He's NOT your typical attorney who charges the client for every contact made with him or the kind you can never get in touch with. I could call him, e-mail him, or visit him and he was very responsive. He kept me informed with up to date letters that explained what was going on so I was able to keep a file of everything. He completely took over from the start and handled all of the filing and paperwork that I wasn't even aware I needed to do! He made this difficult situation so much easier and I'm not sure how I would have made it through without him. He got my sentencing down to the bare minimum and I'm very thankful I chose him as my Attorney. Very much recommended!!"

"Client Review"

Posted by: KS, a DUI client, 10/2/2009

Client Review:

"Nors was extremely knowledgeable in all areas of the DUI/DWI process, whether it be with DMV or the Court System. I was overwhelmed by the scheduling and other process requirements and Nors expertly guided me through them all.I had many questions along the way, and Nors was available and responsive in answering my questions and allaying my concerns.
I highly recommend Nors as a knowledgeable, professional expert - he will be a passionate advocate for your defense."

"Strong Recommendation"

Posted by: David, a DUI client, 9/17/2009

Client Review:

"At every step of the way, Nors was an excellent advocate for me. His judgement was sound and advice solid."

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